Q: How often do partners meet?
A: One session consists of two one-hour meetings per week for 2 months. (16 hours total)

Q: Does this cost money?
A: We charge a nominal fee, $4 per meeting, $64 total, but if you register before the early registration deadline we deduct $5, making your total $59.  These fees pay for the internet bill in the computer lab, the salaries for our two in-camp employees, the rent for the center, and more.  If money is an issue for you, get in touch at contact@banaatconnect.org and we’ll try to work something out.

Q: If I participate, do I have to plan content for our meetings?
A: No.  During the orientation process, we will provide you with what we call a Conversation Guide.  This consists of weekly themes, such as family, holidays, and ethics. For each week, there are discussion questions, vocabulary sets (in English, MSA, and Palestinian Dialect), and other supplementary materials.

Q: What is the timeline between now and starting lessons with my partner?
A: We start new terms along a schedule, with new terms beginning in January, April, August, and November.  Fill out an interest form on the Get Involved page to stay in the loop.