About Us

We are a language exchange, education, and women’s empowerment organization run out of the Hopes Women’s Centre in the Gaza Refugee Camp in Jerash, Jordan. We are dedicated to serving the women in the camp and empowering them through language-learning, community, and professional development.

Meet the Team

Amna Abo Zuhair is the in-country Co-Director.  She makes sure that meetings between partners happen smoothly, helps run the English classes that are hosted through the Centre, and does any and everything in between.

Miranda Beggin is a Co-Director based in Boston.  She manages the recruitment of participants, as well as fundraising and development.

Peyton Ruble is the remote Programs Coordinator. She is based in Baltimore and works to ensure that all programs go off without a hitch. She also heads donor relations and the crowdfunding campaign.

Rawan Hassoun is the Assistant Programs Coordinator. She is a former participant of Banaat Connect and helps run and organize programs and translate curricula and social media.